The agreement between Mentor and Student is a strictly professional relationship.

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The purpose of mentoring is to draw on the existing knowledge, skills and experience of experienced people and transfer these skills to other less experienced people in order to advance their careers.

Who is a mentor

The purpose of mentoring is to tap into the existing knowledge, skills and experience of senior or high-performing employees and transfer these skills to newer or less experienced employees in order to advance their careers.

A long story

The term mentor comes from the character, Mentor in Homer’s Odyssey. This character was the companion of Telemachus, son of Ulysses, and gave him guidance and advice while he was away from his home and family.

Going back to antiquity, a mentor’s purpose is to take all the experience he has accumulated throughout his career and life and transfer it to his pupil for his own benefit.

What are the advantages of being a student?

There are many benefits to being led by someone more experienced and older than you. Rather than learning from your own experience alone, a mentor can accelerate your learning and development.

Improve your skill development

Most mentees are looking for someone to help them advance their career prospects. Through advice and guidance, the mentor can help the employee develop their full potential or entrepreneurial mindset in the workplace.

Knowledge transfer

‍ The mentor has a thorough understanding of the organization, as well as of any program or training that a learner can access to help them achieve their goals. The mentor can impart the wisdom developed on the job over time, information and expectations about the business or policies that will help the learner to be successful in the long term.

Problem solving

‍ A mentor can be a sounding board when the less experienced learner is faced with a situation or problem they are unfamiliar with or cannot find a solution to. By working alongside a more experienced mentor, the student learns directly from his or her experience.

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