The projects we participate in.

We are not just consultants and mentors. We like to get involved.

Over the years we have decided, in some cases, to take the front line with our mentees and customers, directly participating in some projects to which we have contributed resources both in terms of know-how and in economic terms. In some cases we have then implemented the planned exit strategy, while in others, we still have an active and operational role in day-to-day operations. was a job vacancy site for fitness industry operators aimed at the Italian market. Operational from September 2021, the site aims to act as a specialized meeting point between supply and demand for specific work in the Fitness sector with particular focus on the Italian CrossFit ™ community.

The project, entirely developed, managed and controlled by Wonderwod Ltd., was developed and activated at the specific request of the community of Italian Box Owners looking for qualified contacts among which to find more and more trained and qualified instructors. The site was available only in Italian and the service has been acquired by another company who merged it in a fitness job search portal.

Rowingmasters is a collective of master athletes who specialize in rowing, whose goal is to spread the practice of this sport in its indoor version. Rowingmasters organizes workshops and camps for athletes of all levels, for coaches and trainers and also offers personalized training programs through a proprietary online platform to Italian and British users.

Wonderwod supported the founders in the development of the project, from the idea to the first workshops, refining the offer of content and specific training from time to time. Wonderwod Ltd. currently owns the exploitation rights of the brand and manages the operations, providing its own resources for the operation and management of the project.


Born in 2018 as a reference center for Box CrossFit ™, The Box Hub has undergone a repositioning following the crisis linked to the pandemic that has hit the planet hard and in particular the Fitness sector.

Today The Box Hub is a buying group that brings together and represents over 1000 members between professional and private operators, for the purchase of gym equipment and home gym at prices reserved for members and agreed with manufacturers and distributors.

An idea born in response to the disproportionate increase in the cost of equipment resold by non-specialized retailers and traders with clearly speculative intentions, during lockdowns.

In this project we have developed the idea and the concept, accompanying The Box HUb throughout the transition phase and subsequently in the realization, up to full operation which currently concerns the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Italy, Germany and Austria. In this project we have acquired a percentage of the company that manages it, also acting as Business Angels, at the same time taking over the consultancy activities.

Founded in 2018, CrossFit Bilitio was the third CrossFit ™ Box directly owned by Wonderwod Ltd. with a minority stake. Our contribution as business mentors was decisive thanks above all to the exploitation of our network of contacts which allowed us to minimize the economic exposure in the start-up phase.

Developed with the same approach applied to customers, this project is particularly significant being the one that, in its first year of activity, achieved the fastest growth in terms of members and notoriety in the area.

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