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Advertising: the most trivial mistakes

The advertising can radically increase a Box's revenue, but it happens to make trivial mistakes that do more harm than good.

Charles Darwin and the Box Owners

What does Charles Darwin have to do with the Box Owners and the situation created in the gym industry due to the pandemic? 

CrossFit at home

CrossFit at home or rather offer home WODs that are basic but no less demanding than the class ones.

Are you a good listener?

The ability to listen our clients/members is one of the keys to make them satisfied and keep them in the Box for a long time

Does your logo work for you?

The wrong logo can crate a lot of damages to your enterprise, more than you can figure out. Let's do a test.

What do you really want?

Clear targets and strategy are the basis to make a Box a profitable business.

Box and Marketing

Did you know? A gym is a service provider.

Meet Mrs. Heidi

Here is how to loose a potential client just because sometimes we're not able to talk and act in a proper way.

Is everything in control?

Budget is a precious tool to keep al the economics and financial aspects of a Gym, under control.

Box Vs. Globo Gym

After all box and a Commercial Gym are not so different. They are indeed the same thing with a different positioning

Makerting and Avdertising

Some still confuse marketing and advertising as the same thing but in this post I'll try to make cear the differences.

Mr. Complain

Complains from clients are a good occasion to improve our services and ourselves but we have to fix them and never take them as a personal matter.